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Murmansk Regional Trade Union Council (MRTUC) accounts more than 50 thousands members being the largest association of workers in Murmansk Oblast and affiliates 12 regional organizations of All-Russian unions plus some clubs and local union branches.

Since its formation, MRTUC’s main goals and objectives have been to unite and coordinate the member organizations’ actions and policy, representing and protecting labor and civil rights, industrial, professional, economic and social interests of trade union members, workers’ collective rights and common interests. MRTUC’s long-term objectives include bringing wages to the average European level, providing for the decent employment of the able-bodied population, safe working conditions, observation of public social guarantees, decent pensions, higher living standards of workers and their families. 

Murmansk Regional Trade Union Council has an extensive system of trade union education and a developed system of information resources.

MRTUC has been actively cooperating with various international organizations and unions, implementing large scale projects with partners like International Labor Organization, LO Norway and other Nordic unions.


Stanislav I. Zenov, deputy chairman, zenov@mprof.ru

Nikita A. Bobrikov, head of the trade union movement development department, bobrikov.nikita@gmail.com

We speak English, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish.